Spring Colors are blooming!

Sunray Stacks  Sunny shades of yellow combined with foggy gray – perfect colors for a happy place.  These Robert Allen fabrics make beautiful drapery, shams, duvet covers and throw pillows.  Use Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray for the walls with Snowbound trim for a bright, sunny room.  Our favorite go-to ottoman would be nice in the solid yellow, chair upholstered in the greek key, drapes in the Mimosa print ~  gloriously sunny colors!

Focal Legends

Focal Wall Diamonds 3D-Wall-Panels-Plant-Fiber-Rex-Design-10-Panels-Per-Box-a77fee96-9f30-4ef2-9b7f-260deabc94f0_600 75a3feb6-65c1-4790-8415-d06cec8f1689_600 Waterfalls-3D-Wall-Panels-310f5f65-2b45-491a-9703-814b25e776e1_600

Every room should have a focal wall, whether it is a beautiful fireplace, multiple windows with gorgeous window treatments, artwork, accent paint color or built in cabinetry.  Our new favorite product is paintable 3-D panels for stunning focal walls! These panels come in many profiles and designs but all offer interesting texture that can be painted any color you want!  Typically, the panels are approximately 20″x20″ and are surprisingly affordable.  We use the panels as a grouping on a wall or in a single row for a border around a tall ceiling or doorway.  The ideas and applications are limitless!

Rock the Shadow Box!

Show your personal style in a big way with a shadow box photo frame.  Whether you put ticket stubs from great concerts, corks from favorite bottles of wine or make a holiday themed shadow box, this type of artwork promises to be an admired addition to your home.  For table top designs, you can multipurpose large lanterns to make shadow boxes.  Azure & Palm can supply the vinyl lettering in any font and personalized to your specifications.  f591e0f6afd3aad9e334579b3d43b957 b7012556eb1515e1298f2b6d22728b62 f52d22bc0ad16bbd7725e430fb13d685

Modern Cottage Comfort

Cottage style doesn’t have to be “Shabby Chic” to be affordable.  Stanley Furniture and Azure & Palm offer innovative, modern styles ~ including the Coastal Living lines ~ which incorporate the details we love in cottage furnishings. Neutral colors on walls and bedding create a relaxing atmosphere.  The lattice and shutter look details give these furnishings the artful, modern look that we love!                                                Stanley Furniture

Bedroom Drama ~

We are taking the Padded Headboard to new heights ~ Make a section or the entire wall.  This application is so easy, even beginners can do it!

padded wall

The supply list is small:  plywood, foam or padding, fabric of your choice, heavy duty staple gun.  Key points:  pull the fabric tight – no wrinkled corners or edges, and when mounting the boards, space them perfectly or install them tightly without wall showing.  If you have advanced skills, try button tufting or add piping around the edges.  You will love the results!

If you want help with this project or need furnishings or design, call us!

Turn a Framed Opening into a Focal Point


We love to do the unexpected. Our favorite ways do not involve significant cash! Pictured above is a creative way to add drama without reducing the line of sight or breaking the bank. This feature can have glass installed or not (we like the open air look so it appears more custom, not purchased) The openings can be symmetrical or varying sizes for more drama. The framing can be painted any color, but most commonly would be to use the trim color.

The framing can also have an enclosed back to create shelf openings for dishes or accessories.  Use this method carefully to not create a cluttered look.  This photo is showing the doorway to a pantry where adding extra storage would be needed.  These shelves could be visible from the interior only for a cleaner look.

Upgrade the “Builder Basic” Tray Ceilings!


We LOVE wooden crown molding on ceilings…cannot help it….it is in our DNA. Crown molding frames a recessed ceiling or the perimeter of a room, giving a finished, elegant look. Tray ceilings, common in houses from the 1990s or before, are angled in such a way that makes crown molding impossible to install.

We also like accent colors in the recessed ceilings but painting an accent color in a tray is very complicated because of the lack of trim to delineate the two colors. If the drywall crew did a perfect job, the angles are perfect and the lines are flawless, but this is frequently not the case.

With the tray ceiling trim treatment featured in the photo above, the problem is solved. Now the ceiling can have color added or painted like wainscoting ~ or a combination of both! Wainscoting on the angled feature and a separate paint color on the flat ceiling. Perfect!

Small Spaces Look Grand with Banquettes

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Having a small dining area does not mandate limited visual impact ~ Planning the space is key. Banquettes can be nestled into a corner or installed adjoining an island.

Our do-it-yourself method uses upper cabinets as the base for storage underneath. Fairly simple carpentry skills are required with a great caulking and painting job. Adding decorative fabric covered cushions brings life and color.