Upgrade the “Builder Basic” Tray Ceilings!


We LOVE wooden crown molding on ceilings…cannot help it….it is in our DNA. Crown molding frames a recessed ceiling or the perimeter of a room, giving a finished, elegant look. Tray ceilings, common in houses from the 1990s or before, are angled in such a way that makes crown molding impossible to install.

We also like accent colors in the recessed ceilings but painting an accent color in a tray is very complicated because of the lack of trim to delineate the two colors. If the drywall crew did a perfect job, the angles are perfect and the lines are flawless, but this is frequently not the case.

With the tray ceiling trim treatment featured in the photo above, the problem is solved. Now the ceiling can have color added or painted like wainscoting ~ or a combination of both! Wainscoting on the angled feature and a separate paint color on the flat ceiling. Perfect!

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