Focal Legends

Focal Wall Diamonds 3D-Wall-Panels-Plant-Fiber-Rex-Design-10-Panels-Per-Box-a77fee96-9f30-4ef2-9b7f-260deabc94f0_600 75a3feb6-65c1-4790-8415-d06cec8f1689_600 Waterfalls-3D-Wall-Panels-310f5f65-2b45-491a-9703-814b25e776e1_600

Every room should have a focal wall, whether it is a beautiful fireplace, multiple windows with gorgeous window treatments, artwork, accent paint color or built in cabinetry.  Our new favorite product is paintable 3-D panels for stunning focal walls! These panels come in many profiles and designs but all offer interesting texture that can be painted any color you want!  Typically, the panels are approximately 20″x20″ and are surprisingly affordable.  We use the panels as a grouping on a wall or in a single row for a border around a tall ceiling or doorway.  The ideas and applications are limitless!

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